Vintage Champ Rules






1. Snowmobile must be an ISR

120/4 stroke model that complies with the GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS section .

2. Engine and tunnel must be OEM for the model.

3. Modification allowed in other 120/4 stroke classes are allowed in the champ.

4. Hood and belly pan must be OEM for the model.


Track Suspension:

1 Track suspension may be altered, but must have OEM slide rails. Structural integrity must be maintained.

2. Suspension must maintain a minimum of 2 inches of useable, vertical travel with the driver seated.

3. Track and track suspension must fit and be mounted within the confines of the OEM for the model tunnel.


Frame And Body:

1. Snowmobile length must not exceed OEM for the model length by more than 2 inches(ski loop to rear of tunnel).

2. Bumpers must be padded (no sharp edges exposed).

3. Snowflap must be touching ice with driver aboard.

4. Belly pan and Hood must be OEM for the model. Belly pan and hood are required components.

5. Belly pan may be modified to fit primary clutch.

6. Bulkhead may be modified or replaced, it must remain within 1 inch of the length and 1 inch of the width of the OEM bulkhead.